Primer: Difference between javac and JIT

Are Java compiler (javac) and JIT one and the same thing? Is you answered Yes, then read on. Long back I was asked this in an interview and (alas) I had replied in affirmative. Jos Horsmeier gave the following reply to my question at Javaranch at that time (I am glad I saved it in […]

The "Woh" factor

Many of you might have noted the patni factor in the former UP ministerAmarmani Tripathi's case nabbed by CBI for his role in the murder of poetess Madhumita Shukla. Many press-wallahs say Madhumani was the mastermind behind the killing. Unlike the usual Indian wives infested by the woh factor she wasn't the one to do […]

Mumbai musings!

For those who still kept track of my blog despite of almost 2 weeks of absentia, thanks for watching the space. Last week has been pretty hectic for me as I got the opportunity to visit the Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City (DAKC) the collosal darbar of Reliance Empire, spread across 140-acres at Navi Mumbai. DAKC […]

Javaranch Wiki

Javaranch has a Wiki now aimed to “collectively develop a high quality, knowledge base of Java topics”. It's searchable and is based on Friki, a Java web application deployable on any modern servlet container or application server. I have very regard for Javaranch, it helped me a lot during my SCJP preparations. I hope the […]

The outsourcing vulnerability

Happened to read the venom spit by Sue Spielman (through Werner Ramaekers). Frustated of a grievance redressal reply for a faulty Symantec product, presumably routed through an Indian call-center, Ms Sue took a crap at outsourching of IT jobs to Indian Companies. It is amply clear from the comments made on her blog that the […]

The ASI Mockery

With a BJP led government at the center, it was all “Your wish is my command” for ASI. On 25th the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), a government organization, reported to the high court that its excavations at the disputed site at Ayodhya found distinctive features of a 10th century temple beneath the Babri Mosque […]