Company name etymologies

Did you know that Cisco is not an acronym but a short name for San Francisco or that the name LG is in fact a combination of two popular Korean brands Lucky and Goldstar or that Mitch Kapor got the name for his company from The Lotus Position or Padmasana. You may find a list […]

Hindi for Blog

What is the most appropriate Hindi word for Blog? Alok calls it chittha. How about Roznamchaa or Vrittant? (I made this post in Hindi originally, using the Takhti editor and post was showing up well, however apparently my RSS Aggregator has some problem with that, infact with the three dots the aggreator itself put after […]

Please update my blog URL

Fellow bloggers! Those of you who link to me or wish to do so or would like to subscribe to RSS feed for this blog please note the following details. Please update the URL at your blog if you link to me. Blog URL: RSS Feed URL:

I am in a movie?

The stardom has finally arrived. Yes I am in a movie! Don't take my word for it. Have a look here. Though I did not have a clue till now apparently the movie Mumbai Matinee has a 32 year old character called Debashish aka Debu played by Rahul Bose. If only other facts about this […]

Blog Cleanup

A little clean up happened here. A bit of rearrangement in my blog rolls, added some more blogs which I have been subscribing through Bloglines. To segregate the technical blogs I had to append the Gen (for general) and Tech (for technical) blogs to the section titles. Those who find the rolls too short, my […]

Baby steps onto J2ME

Stepping into using J2ME warrants major alteration in mindset for a programmer so far promenading in J2SE. Experienced J2ME programmers may perhaps enlighten me on this but these are opening remarks as I very recently took on developing applications for mobile devices. You have an array of challenges when you compare it to developing applications […]