Blog from Pramati’s founders

Jay and Vijay Pullur, founders of Pramati Technologies have started their blog Software (Ad)Venturing, where they would write on topics covering software development, product innovation and building new business. This gotta be an interesting read. [Via]

Xobdo – an online English-Assamiya dictionary

More and more people are taking to writing in Indian languages on the net and online dictionaries play a vital role here. I had once mentioned Shabdnidhi, an AJAX enabled online English – Hindi dictionary. Priyankoo, who is the first Assamese blogger, recently informed me about another such project called Xobdo, an online English-Assamiya dictionary. […]

A facelift for the pundit

Well actually, one of my favorite reads Desipundit has gone for a complete revamped look and man “what a site”. There is really no parallel for Chug’s ethnic designs. He has done brilliant gratis designs for the Indibloggies in the past and remains one of my favorite web-designers. Desipundit’s approach is very professional, the way […]

The Indian HR thought leaders

Gautam Ghosh has started a series “The Indian HR thought leaders” on his blog. He would soon be quizzing Sanjeev Bikhchandani, CEO of on their attempts to embrace RSS feeds. Great going Guatam!

Merger of WordPress and Textpattern

It’s the EOD at India and I noticed this stunning news of the merger of WordPress and Textpattern on my blog’s admin-dashboard and I was forced to click on the link. It struck me only when I visited, checked back Matt’s post date. It’s all great fun really, from the Wordpattern website to the […]

Blog Bytes

The Asian Age recently did a story on the IndiBlogging phenomenon and I was also quoted in the same. You may read the full story here.