Clever Versions

Bajaj is using the voice of radio doyen Amin Sayani in a television commercial for one of its vehicle range. Though this advertisement might be a complete unit in itself but the commercial plays a different combination of Indian language stanza along with the Hindi opening lines from a popular song of Adnan Sami for […]

It's the time to retro!

On the Holi eve, NDTV India had Prasoon Joshi, the man behind the Coke campaign, speaking on the advent of humour in advertisement on the Indian telly. He cited that people today wish for “instant gratification” and “entertainment everywhere”, hence the campaigns such as “Kya aap close-up karte hain?“, Alpenliebe's (the jingle so reminiscent of […]

Holly-Bolly ke bahane

Watching the closing credit title of a Hollywood movie makes me appreciate their dedication to the art. All people who put in their effort seem to get the due credit; so one is not surprised to see the credit for the “Teenager at the disco” or “The fifth waiter” or the “lady at street corner”. […]

I am in a movie?

The stardom has finally arrived. Yes I am in a movie! Don't take my word for it. Have a look here. Though I did not have a clue till now apparently the movie Mumbai Matinee has a 32 year old character called Debashish aka Debu played by Rahul Bose. If only other facts about this […]

Middle-age chakra

The other day I was watching “Freaky Chakra” on Star Movies. Well I am not writing a review here (in any case the movie was altogether too puerile to pen a review on). I had seen the “ooh” TV promos before and was amazed at Deepti Naval's stupid escapades as Ms Thomas. Doing love-scenes with a kid, […]