Thorns of Desire!

The song itself may not matter, picturisation does. The song is being played everywhere. Pubs, Panwallahs, Auto-rikshaws, market places, leave alone the promos on your pious home TV. Your kaamwali bai may be humming it silently (your kid may do that stealthily). The raunchiness of this titillating music video Kaanta Lagaa has stung every nook […]

FM Radio takes a dramatic step

If you were tired of watching those rona-dhona and saas-bahu soaps on the Indian tele there is no immediate respite because Star's Radio City is soon going to air radio-versions of few of its long-running soaps like Saans and Kyonki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi. Radio is not cognitive and the Vividh-Bharati's Hawa Mahal listeners […]

Band Loyalty

During my recent Mumbai visit I was curious about the listener ship for various FM Radio stations and much to my expectation (hey, I am not generalizing, just my view here) I found that though the listener ship is good, there is nothing like Brand loyalty here. People switch back and forth the stations on […]

My Favorite Songs

There are so many songs that stir you no matter how many times you listen to them. Wondering why didn't I do it before I have decided to post my list of favorites. I would be updating this list quite often. The hyperlinks wherever applicable point to the neartest lyrics page I could lay my […]