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When DD animated our lives!

I had my childhood nourishment of entertainment from Vividh Bharati and Doordarshan so this post of Turbanhead revived old memories. The “Ek Anek” short animation film was targeted at National integration and was used as filler by DD at that time and, thanks to the fact that satellite TV wasn’t even there, was immensely popular. Many readers might not know perhaps about the persons behind this animation marvel, Vasant Desai (one of my favorite lyricists/composer) and Bhimsen Khurana, one of India’s finest animation talent. Desai has been better known for his work in the movie Utsav but Ek Anek is perhaps one of his best innocent work.

I had known about Bhimsen as a filmmaker first, from his serial “Chhoti Badi Baatein” against superstitions  featuring Ashok Saraf, Sulbha and Arvind Deshpande and Dr. Maya Alagh. This was a very successful Sunday bonanza on DD. He was known also for immensely successful movies like “Gharonda” and “Dooriyan“. It was later that I came to know that Bhimsen was actually an accomplished animator.

Speaking of animation, we have come a long way now, but in those days of 70’s Films Division was the only harbinger for such projects. It’s good that India’s animation industry is now a sought after entity but it perhaps cannot be denied that it stands on the shoulder of stalwarts such as Bhimsen. I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice write-up on him here, so do read it if you have time.


  1. Anurag khanna

    Was anyone able to find Ek ann ka ye daana sukh dega… ?

  2. Manish

    Arre koi please doordarshan walo ko msg bhejo, kahi n akahi wo clip hoga,
    Ban bna bhatak rahe they pandav,
    Shyad films division walo ka tha wo, unko bolo
    Koi to wo clip kahi se dhundoo
    Is electronic world main koi to DD wali ko yr msg bhejo
    Please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  3. Purshottam Sachanandani

    I would love to watch ‘bas ek anna ka yeh dana sukh dega mujhko man maana’!
    I had loved it as a child as much as’ ek titli, anek titaliyan ‘, ‘ swimmi ‘”-about the unity of the fishes to scare away the big fish who wanted to eat them and’ kachra mat phenko, phenko to kachre ke dabbe ke andar, damadam mast kalandar ‘ In all these past gems, the only ones I have found are “ek titli” and “mile sur mera tumhara”
    Hope Doordarshan takes some effort to bring us back old memories releasing officially those videos on YouTube. I am sure there will be a huge viewership and sharing of them, instead of the crap we have today, everyone begging to press the bell icon and share their videos.

  4. Sonal

    Thanks Debashish for bringing back those precious memories back. One of my colleagues at the office posted it on his orkut profile n then it was the hottest pick of the day. Then I was seaching for the Krishna-Draupadi animation, “Bas ek ann ka ye daana..” and found your blog Null Pointer. Got to know the real source. Thanks a lot. I read other guy’s comments and was glad to know that people across the nation share the same feelings. I still used to sing the song. It was so nice to hear it after so many years. Nothing can beat those innocent memories.

    Thanks for sharing information about Vasant Desai and Bhimsen. They really did a great job during those days when we as kids had limited access to animations and used to wait for these animations on documentries of “Film Division”.

    Are you talking about the series Honi-anhoni , the serial on superstitions. I dont know the artists mentioned by you but I can recall this serial we used to watch fondly.

  5. kamal kant verma

    i am so greatful to u when i see my old days story. as so many childrens i also grown with this story. thanks

  6. adit

    Who were the child artists for ‘Ek Anek’? Sung so well!

  7. Debashish

    Sorry Prachi! Have no idea about that.

  8. praachi

    Came across your blog searching for ‘Ek anek’, and am now desparately looking for the ‘ek anna ka ye dana’, would you know where I could lay my hands on that?
    Take care

  9. Gaurav

    The Ek Anek animation was fantastic. I plyed that and a lot of colleagues just came around and surrounde the comp. All were virtually singing along the film. It was just too great as it throws one those old days. Guess what, “Ye daulat bhi le lo, ye shauhrat bhi le lo”.

    Anyways, after that, i have been trying to get my hands on the Krishan Darupadi aniation of “Bas ek ann ka ye dana”. Friends, kab mileag. Can anybody out there just send me across those memories.

  10. Ankur Shah

    The ek-anek link doesn’t seem to work anymore. Could you please email the file to me, if you have it?
    Many thanks.

  11. Ya Amit “Ek ann ka daana, sukh dega tumko manmaaanaa”, the docu-animation on conservation of food. Difficult to imagine where would these gems could be fitted in today’s TV surfing habitat.

  12. good ol days… thxs for the post yaar, puranee yadein taaza ho gayee.. Do u remember the other ones.. one was from a Mahabharta series wher Krishna takes a single dana of rice to satisfy his hunger…. and the one about MAA in all different languages of INDIA.
    its was just so great.
    and these things leave a perma imprint in ones memory
    thxs again!

  13. Right Charu, nostalgic moments!

  14. Oh! ek-anek and didi, anek kya hai? The good old DD days……

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