If you read my post “Living in wonderland” notice the word “backtrack” that I used there. Devoid of spine, politicians have been known, since ages, to create artificial frenzy to fool people: the til-gud1 factor, cute mini-budget full of goodies, all-is-well on Indo-Pak front (aka Hindi-Paki bhai-bhai), Vajpayee is BJPs undisputed leader (backstabbing noise in background), L.K.Kataarvani2 willing to talk to Hurriyat etc etc.

Now where does backtracking figure? Well, it figures in both Indian and Paki premier’s public speeches of the week with Mian Musharraf saying that under no circumstances will he accede to accepting the LOC as border ( a suggestion made in my mentioned post) and our Atalji quipping that all discussions of Kashmir will involve only POK and not IOK. Back to square 1?

1 til-gud: Besides rhyming well with the media coined “Feel-good” factor is Hindi for Sesame seeds and jaggery, the basic ingredients of Sankranti festival.
2 Kataar: Hindi for a dagger, and the characterisitic of Indian deputy premier's counter-paki rhetorics