I am always surprised by the media-frenzy that builds up even if the stalled vehicle of Indo-Pak talks manages to crawl an inch further and almost all the times backtracks many more inches later. For God's sake judge the scenario with a fair mind. Mian Musharraf will perhaps only risk his life from Islamic hardliners by negotiating anything on Kashmir if he is promised the Nobel Peace Prize, you cannot expect the author of Kargil and a military-man at heart, who have always been against keeping peace with India to shed his spots. At home, please notice the growing size of Advani's photos at the stage backdrop of BJPs press conferences, if BJP wins the next general elections, and not many opine they'll loose, don't be bewildered if Vajpayeeji, the mask man, graciously steps down citing age and health reasons and naming LK his heir to the thrown. Now, Advani is a known hardliner on Kashmir issue, has stalled the process many times earlier too including the Agra one and so the so called CBM's will be accorded a full-stop then and there.

Why then Atalji was allowed to go for this show-off. Easy, he is not getting any younger, before he retires he wanted to give it a last try and emerge as the “one who saved the world”. The never before bonhomie at his grand birthday celebrations was actually a big farewell to AB. Solving the Kashmir issue in a jiffy just before Atalji retires, a beautiful wonderland he is living in but are we required to join him there. Cummon! Be realistic. If you ask me the issue has only the following solution and that can be implemented taking UN and the world in confidence:

  • Convert the existing LOC in to an international border, let Pakistan be happy with POK and lets at least save our occupied Kashmir before we lose it too
  • Ttake back army and treat Kashmir as a special state till life is made normal there
  • Patrol the border well and flush all terrorist camps along with Pakistan's army

Call me a traitor, Marxist or whatever but not accepting the reality is same as living in a wonderland. When you wake up you will be in for a great shock!