Author Spotlight WordPress Widget

Author Spotlight is a new WordPress widget recently created by me and added to the WordPress plugin repository. The Widget displays the profile of the author width the author website link and author profile photo on the Post (Single) page. It automatically detects the current author of the displayed Post, just drag and drop the widget on your Single page sidebar and you are done.

You may see the plugin in action right here on the sidebar on top-right of this page.

If you wish to display a custom photograph to go with the Author’s Profile you may install the User Photo. In absence of this plugin the ‘Author Spotlight” widget will fall-back to displaying the gravatar associated with the user.

Author Spotlight WordPress Widget

Update (Oct 2010): From V2.0 onwards this plugin also supports the excellent “Co-Authors Plus” plugin. If your blog posts have multiple authors we recommend using the co-authors plus plugin. When this plugin is used “Author Spotlight” will display all co-author profiles on the sidebar for the blog-post. Note that using either the “User Photo” or the  “Co-Author Plus” plugin is purely optional and our widget will work fine even without these plugins, but they are nice to have.


Click here to get the Author Spotlight plugin from WordPress.

Update (Sept 2012): From v3.0 onwards the plugin has added the feature to display Social icons with the profile. The Widget has been rewritten to the new WordPress Widget API and supplies sample CSS as well PHP code to add additional fields to User profile for Social web.

For installation instructions and details on the widget please visit the widget page on WordPress. If you face any issues with the plugin or have any suggestion/feature requests please do submit there at this place.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page comes without any warranty whatsoever. Use it at your own risk.


Indibloggies flags off its 2008 edition

The 2008 edition of Indibloggies, the Indian Weblog Awards, has been started with the nomination phase. Sadly, the Indibloggies 2007 edition was skipped last year due to some failed happenings and pressures at work.

This year Indibloggies again has good support from the Sponsors with Hachette India and WordPress pitching in. A big thanks to all the sponsors! If everything goes well, another feather may get added to the cap 🙂 The 2008 edition has 17 award categories, with three new additions for Best Personal blog, Best Business blog and Best Microblog.

The nomination announcement post and link to nomination form can be found here.


6 Apart & WP : a Twitter tussle

There is lot of buzz around WordPress 2.5 and apparently Six Apart is worried, having  tread the “open source” path last December only, even encouraging people to upgrade to Movable Type instead.

Here is a little tussle Anil and Matt had on Twitter today 🙂

Six Apart vs WordPress