Mushu Mushu haasi

Mushu Mushu haasi deo” must be the song on the lips of the Indian diplomats who were all gaga over the recent paltry visit of the Pakistani Dictator. I think if it achieved something, it was the dilution of the tough stance against cross-border terrorism, the existence of which was gradually being acknowledged publicly by Pakistan and the rest of the World (read USA) post 9/11. In effect, the erstwhile BJP government was perhaps better off dealing.

Analysts such as Dileep Padgaonkar say that Musharaff has progressed from an “obdurate soldier” at Agra Summit to an “astute politician” of today, with a vision. We hope this is true. Nobody can deny his efforts at projecting Pakistan as a moderate forward-looking nation (whether he is actually working towards that, Khuda only knows).

More than anything, I was taken aback by the unwarranted hype. The prior visit of Chinese Premier, probably more significant, attracted no buzz. First, there is no comparing the current visit with the Agra one. This one was no summit! There was nothing that could have emerged. With no diplomatic homework being done at all, this was just not the right occasion. It was no wonder that both the sides were so flexible. Watching the press briefings even a layman could have seen that the outcome was cipher. “We achieved much more that I expected”, said the General with a dim face. As if he had come here with the belief that Kashmir will be handed over to him in a platter.

The only positive steps taken IMHO are the efforts on restoring the two Ts, trade and travel, between the nations. The best way to coerce a misbehaved child is either thrashing or making him busy and happy. The former has not worked, so we must try the latter. Though, it?s difficult to view such steps without wariness; we have been brought up to hate Pakistan. Atanu worries that projects such as the Indo-Iranian pipeline would only let Pakistan arm-twist us later, I don?t fully subscribe to this. An economically progressive and politically stable Pakistan certainly means less trouble for us.

Swaminathan Aiyar has no faith in the summits and the bus-diplomacy either, which he says, “creates an illusion that Pakistan is a key player in the issue”. He raises another valid question on the way Kashmir problem was dealt with right from the beginning (“it was New Delhi and not Islamabad that created the problem”). He cites the example of Punjab Terrorism that was successfully tackled by the local Police rather than the Army, the latter he rightfully says, “is simply not suited to tackle civil militancy”. Hello! Is anybody listening?


Mushy's web sight

It has the razzmatazz, the chutzpah, sans anything you would expect on the website of a President. I am talking about the glitzy website of President Musharraf. For an armywallah, that he is at heart, it's difficult to give up the true colors, the paki belligerence towards India is there, savor this:

There was the much trumpeted bus journey of Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee to Pakistan in 1998 and my supposed refusal as the Army Chief to meet or shake hands with him. Then came the Kargil Operation with all its reality and distortions. It proved a lesson to the Indians and a rude awakening to the world of the reality of Kashmir. Heightened temperatures were tried to be cooled by me through my famous handshake with PM Vajpayee at the Katmandu SAARC Summit. The Agra summit saw a great breakthrough but ended up in a disappointing failure under the negative influence of some radical Indian Government functionaries in particular Mr. Advani. Later accusing Pakistan of involvement in an unfortunate terrorist attack on Indian Parliament, India decided to mobilize and amass its entire Army and Air Force on Pakistan's borders in a mass show of strength to coerce Pakistan. We moved forward our forces also and stood our ground firmly. I made sure that clear indications were sent across that any misadventure by India would be replied with resolute force by Pakistan.


Living in wonderland

I am always surprised by the media-frenzy that builds up even if the stalled vehicle of Indo-Pak talks manages to crawl an inch further and almost all the times backtracks many more inches later. For God's sake judge the scenario with a fair mind. Mian Musharraf will perhaps only risk his life from Islamic hardliners by negotiating anything on Kashmir if he is promised the Nobel Peace Prize, you cannot expect the author of Kargil and a military-man at heart, who have always been against keeping peace with India to shed his spots. At home, please notice the growing size of Advani's photos at the stage backdrop of BJPs press conferences, if BJP wins the next general elections, and not many opine they'll loose, don't be bewildered if Vajpayeeji, the mask man, graciously steps down citing age and health reasons and naming LK his heir to the thrown. Now, Advani is a known hardliner on Kashmir issue, has stalled the process many times earlier too including the Agra one and so the so called CBM's will be accorded a full-stop then and there.

Why then Atalji was allowed to go for this show-off. Easy, he is not getting any younger, before he retires he wanted to give it a last try and emerge as the “one who saved the world”. The never before bonhomie at his grand birthday celebrations was actually a big farewell to AB. Solving the Kashmir issue in a jiffy just before Atalji retires, a beautiful wonderland he is living in but are we required to join him there. Cummon! Be realistic. If you ask me the issue has only the following solution and that can be implemented taking UN and the world in confidence:

  • Convert the existing LOC in to an international border, let Pakistan be happy with POK and lets at least save our occupied Kashmir before we lose it too
  • Ttake back army and treat Kashmir as a special state till life is made normal there
  • Patrol the border well and flush all terrorist camps along with Pakistan's army

Call me a traitor, Marxist or whatever but not accepting the reality is same as living in a wonderland. When you wake up you will be in for a great shock!