There is an interesting quiz that would perhaps let you know if you are a Blogoholic. I thought I was one, coz even if I don't post very regularly I read a lot of blogs everyday. But it emerged that I am only a casual weblogger. “You only blog when you have nothing better to do, which is not very often. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you'd post a little more often, you'd make your readers very happy.” says the quiz results where I scored a 48%.

While on the subject, Alan has posted about his “human-experiment” where he has classified persons based on their online behaviour. I have observed that we behave in a more bindas manner when we are online or chatting over phone. One may shudder while appearing for a personal interview but retain his calm and can even exude confidence on a telephonic interview. I find it easy to rudely evade the telemarketing cold calls while it becomes difficult to behave the same way with a “Eureka Phobes” sales personnel when he is there at your doorstep. You behave more gentlemanly. I am much in agreement with Alan when he says that “the online world is a glimpse of what it would be like if we were always drunk. Our inhibitions are lowered and we say things we normally would never say when faced with the same situation in real life. Generally, if people are pleasant online, it translates to their offline persona, and likewise, an a***hole is always an a***hole!” [Link via Erik]