The song itself may not matter, picturisation does.

The song is being played everywhere. Pubs, Panwallahs, Auto-rikshaws, market places, leave alone the promos on your pious home TV. Your kaamwali bai may be humming it silently (your kid may do that stealthily). The raunchiness of this titillating music video Kaanta Lagaa has stung every nook and corner of India. For those who don't have the slightest inkling, I am talking about the video filmed on navel-revealing Shefali Jariwala and based on a remixed old Hindi film-song sung by Lata Mangeshkar and picturised on Aruna Irani. The video girl is now a sought-after entity for live shows and the frenzy that it has kindled is unbelievable. It has become sort of a cult-song has provoked host of new more adventorous videos. Not long ago one Meghna Naidu had set the music charts aflame with the steamy Kaliyon Ka Chaman video. Now everyone is following suite. The song itself may not matter, picturisation does. Not surprisingly then, even seemingly frigid songs like Chadti Jawani have been filmed to give you a shudder.

The bujurgs (elders) and the administration have all been taken aback, an expected kneejerk reaction in a society which is now opening up to subjects of desire. The recently released Hindi movie Khwahish and the upcoming Boom would bear testimony to this. I do not know how exactly to react to this. Personally I find these videos erotic yet interesting. Perhaps I would be objecting to these when my son starts comprehending such stuff.