Months of activity, loads of brickbats (ranging from bad template — despite the excellent work by Chugs, poor management, disagreement with the methodology, rigging at the polls, being partisan to Hindi blogdom right unto being pooh-poohed on my anonymity and bad English) and now a breeze of praises, organizing Indibloggies was arduous compared to the last year's event. Thanks to all those who pitched in and all who visited the blog, I am sure the Indiblog community gained something from all this. On hindsight, I marvel at the spirit of Internet where such an event could be organized solely based on free resources, apart from my time and few bucks on surfing there was nothing that I had to create myself. My salaam to the spirit!

I have always been maintaining that for me the outcome of the award is not the poll result but the list of nominees and this year it has come-up with a good showcase. I am sure it you would added many new blogs to your blogroll (Sepia Mutiny, India Uncut and many others have been pleasant additions to mine). Despite of my own initial apprehensions, I think peer review was fairly successful in uncovering the forerunners in Indiblogdom. This also resulted in the right mix of blogs being nominated. Indian language blogs were no doubt poorly represented due to insufficient representation in the jury.

All in all, I am delighted of the outcome and motivated for the next. I have been receiving suggestions and the quick-poll conducted on the blog last fortnight revealed that most of us feel the current process is quite apt. However, I would surely ponder on improving the same, one of the idea being registering the blogs for the event throughout the year and let the jurors classify and select from amongst those blogs, this would perhaps put an end to the complains of blogs not being considered for nomination. 'Register if you want to participate' would be a good standpoint.

Thanks to all the Jurors and sponsors. Thanks also to all those who nominated the blogs and voted from them. Hearty congrats to all the nominees and the winners. I am sure through this event we will come closer as a community.