Blogs of Earth

It was a pleasant surprise to find a blog with an Indian name by a foreigner. While the author Awacante has evidently stopped blogging today on one of his other blog only he has a blog (infact a travelogue) called Namaste (Hello in Hindi). The author had visited India in 2000, perhaps as a volunteer […]

Towards harmony with Hibernate

Never thought that leaping into Hibernate1 could be a bit tricky at this time. First there aren't many good step-by-step guide to using Hibernate and secondly all the available ones, perhaps, don't hold good for Hibernate ver 2.01, though it was released almost 6 months back. Now the porting guidelines say that it isn't much […]


My Bloginality is ISTP!!!

The spammer Chief-minister

Well these are election times and the other day I was wondering whether the political parties are considering email as a medium of canvassing. Today I received a spam from, as it is signed, Narendra Modi the Gujarat CM, as many of you also might have received. The mail has possibly been distributed using private […]

Scrollbar for lefties?

Rajesh was intrigued to find the scroll bar on the left of his screen for Google Arabic search and I agree with his observation. Now I am no UI design expert but for languages that are written from right to left is it imperative that the readers are left-handed (no pun intended) too? Also notice […]

Kudos TOI

Seldom do you find the virtues of restrain and responsibility amongst news media amidst the cut-throat competition that exists now a days. Mediaah reports that Times Of India's Pune team had uneartherd the CAT entrance test paper leak the previous evening but chose to exercise restraint and help the police nab the culprits. I think […]