Remo Fernandes, the famous pop-singer from Goa has once sung this famous satirical song on the state of telephones in Goa:

Graham Bell, Graham Bell,
You’re dead and its just as well;
But if you saw the phones in Goa.
You’d jump into the well.

Years later, it seems Remo will have to rewrite his lyrics as the BBC reports that Graham Bell, ahem, did not invent the Telephone.

Scottish-born US scientist Alexander Graham Bell is credited with making the first transmission of speech from one point to another by electrical means in 1876. Based on “evidence” contained in files from the archives of the Science Museum in London the report says that the “Telephon”, developed by German research scientist Philipp Reis, could transmit and receive speech and was perhaps the first telephone. The successful tests on a German device manufactured in 1863 were reportedly covered up to maintain Bell’s reputation.