The magic of Ballot has unfolded in Madhya Pradesh. The sansyasin (or sadhwi, whatever) Uma Bharti is destined to become the next Chief Minister of my home-state Madhya Pradesh and the defeated CM Digvijay Singh (incidentally called Diggi “Raja”) will take a political Sanyas, if words must be kept. What an irony! The confident-till-yesterday Diggi raja didn’t had to say “he failed to read the public pulse”.

While the saffron brigade must be evidently happy, let me remind the sadhwi behen a few things. Now that you are here I want the promises to be kept, I want a chaak-chaukas prabandh of all amenities in the state (hope Umaji you haven’t already had a bout of amnesia) including Roads and Electricity (I don’t care how you do it), and yes I want the stupid Professional Tax to be withdrawn immediately. That’s what I voted you for! Wipe that pasina off your face, when you win an election on issues such as development (and not your favorite issue) there is a lot more burden of work to do. So while you are famous for dashing off to Maihar Devi and Vaishnodevi at one go and go to sleep at 9PM sharp, lady: we are expecting some work here. Less pravachan, more output, please.