Sanyasin is CM, CM is Sanyasi

The magic of Ballot has unfolded in Madhya Pradesh. The sansyasin (or sadhwi, whatever) Uma Bharti is destined to become the next Chief Minister of my home-state Madhya Pradesh and the defeated CM Digvijay Singh (incidentally called Diggi “Raja”) will take a political Sanyas, if words must be kept. What an irony! The confident-till-yesterday Diggi […]

Rewrite that song Remo!

Remo Fernandes, the famous pop-singer from Goa has once sung this famous satirical song on the state of telephones in Goa: Graham Bell, Graham Bell, You’re dead and its just as well; But if you saw the phones in Goa. You’d jump into the well. Years later, it seems Remo will have to rewrite his […]

Identity Crisis

The Indian states of Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh (MP), NCT of Delhi and Rajasthan are going for assembly polls tomorrow. Funnily, the MP Election commission has specified 16 ways to identify a voter. The list includes Ration card, Student ID card, The IT PAN card, Passprot, Driving license, Blue card for people below poverty line and […]

Is Blog-revolution over?

An interesting but debatable point has been raised by John C. Dvorak. Dvorak feels that the so-called Blogging Revolution has bitten the dust and that Blogging can't become the future of journalism as predicted due to two reasons: Massive abandonment of blogs with the writers getting bored or too tired to cope up with regular […]

Lost in Translation ?

I see the link to Babelfish on many blogs to help readers translate the text to various languages. I am not sure how correct that translation is done. Today I tried it just for fun. I translated my last post into French and then translated the French version back to English. Here are the results, […]

Awareness is cure

There are very few bloggers who write keeping the reader in mind. Still very few will gather the courage to write about their shortcomings, agonies and disease for others to benefit from their experience or offer advice to. During my day's surfing I often come across many blogs listed at the Blog Portal or through […]