Bloglet subscribers to my feed may not be getting my posts in their email for about a week now. The problem seems to have surfaced after some changes made in the JRoller RSS feed XML format. Bloglet now throws an error “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime” for JRoller feeds. Monsur of bloglet wrote in reply to my mail:

Bloglet is rejecting RSS feeds with dates in the following format: “Tue, 21 Oct 2003 24:56:21 -0500”. Its probably a good idea to change your date to adhere to the XML-RPC spec, found here. We have registered it as an outstanding issue though.

Incidentally I was playing with this taglibrary for parsing RSS XML and I had to make some change to the classes so that the permalink to the posts (guid instead of expected link element) are recognized properly. I am planning to host this JSP at mycgiserver but it seems they do not allow uploading third party jars there. I am planning to use the JSP to generate the “Recent Posts” panel on my blog. Currently this is being generated by Blogstreet however the RSS Panel tool of Blogstreet is not able to understand the permalinks too and generated the links incorrectly. I am unsure how I would be able to use the JSP unless mycgiserver allows custom tag libraries.