The malicious Banana

Jivha pointed to this unfledged clique in the Indi-blogosphere jeering the Bhartiya Blog Mela. It's called the Bhartiya Blog Kela. Now before I even start please note that I do not have anything for or against the Blog Mela but this is pretty hilarious . The guy apparently “had enough of sanctimonious debates on the […]

Meandering ways

Life has meandering ways. You never know which way would lead to what destination, atleast that's what Googling often lets you decipher. Savour these recent funny search strings that lead people to this blog. housewives looking for fun in Navi Mumbai pressures and pains extra marital affairs labour politics inside zara hindi movies +love scenes […]

The Quest for unknown

If there is one blog that comes any closer to my range of thoughts, its perhaps Charu's Peek in to my mind. One reason might be that we both belong to the same 70's generation. Many of her posts, like this one, echo my own thoughts. Her recent post “What about job satisfaction” prompted me […]

Castor and the Namespace bug

While working with a new version of Castor I recently encountered a strange error during unmarshalling (creating Java object out of corresponding XML schema). The error was as follows: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The prefix ‘xml’ is reserved (XML 1.0 Specification) and cannot be declared. Luckily, some Googling brought me to this thread which explains the probable reasons […]

Holly-Bolly ke bahane

Watching the closing credit title of a Hollywood movie makes me appreciate their dedication to the art. All people who put in their effort seem to get the due credit; so one is not surprised to see the credit for the “Teenager at the disco” or “The fifth waiter” or the “lady at street corner”. […]

Happy Deepawali!

Wishing a very happy Diwali and prosperous new year to all my readers, friends and relatives. Hope you have a blast this festival of lights!