The Latino connection

This blog finds some unexpected mention here. I could not have deciphered an iota of Spanish but for Bablefish. Apparently a reader was making some parallel between JRoller and Roller@jH. Here is what the comment says: Ummm… Also there is a user called al (but he is not ours al)….and a weblog with title Null […]

Israeli attacks: a lesson for India

The recent retaliatory attack on Syrian Islamic Jihad base camps by Israel reveals the true face of America, their doublespeak on the Kashmir issue becoming more poignantly evident. The American hypocrisy lets them pats on the back of Pakistan for its help in fighting terrorism ignoring the terrorist dens right beneath their nose and tells […]

The Blog Matrix

Rajeev identified an occupying topic from Bloggercon reportage, elitism in blogging. Infact I was giving this a thought while chatting with a fellow blogger few days back and we both marvelled at the volume of blogging being done by Indians and whether it has any impact on others who don't blog. The fact remains that […]

Tanmay is 1 year old today

Today is the first birthday of my son Tanmay. It is due to the little angel that I and Mitali were introduced to the joys, pressures, fun and responsibilities of parenting. Tanmay has ushered in a breeze of vitality and energy in our lives, infact he has tought us to relish the meaning of life […]

Bush rivals Vajpayee : On Poetic turf

You may scream, you may laugh,You might even shudder in dismay,But Atalji now has a new rival,As Bush becomes a poet while laura was away.

Roller metamorphosis

Hey! I logged in to this morning and was taken aback to be redirected to Whatever be the reasons for the overnight change I am worried about few things. What happens to my old blog URL? Will the users be redirected to my new blog URL even if they type the old one […]