Cool Stuff

Thanks Matt Quail for the pointer to Cool Stuff. To quote from the site: Developed but not released for commercial use, these golden nuggets of technology, code and concepts are now being made available to Sun's developer community.

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright!

Javaranch features a nice poem (actually a spoof on “The Tiger” by William Blake) authored by Joshua Bloch which he recited at the 2003 JavaOne conference. Tiger, Tiger Burning BrightLike a geek who works all nightWhat new-fangled bit or byteCould ease the hacker's weary plight?

Might is right

A perfect case of how the people in power can use it for personal gains. Indian politics has been known for it. Leaders holding posts leave no stone unturned to take vendetta. (Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha had publicly humiliated Karunannidhi by dragging him to Police station at midnight.) The way politicians set the tunes to […]

Pessimistic Java

Extreme Programming (XP) founder Kent Beck quips in an interview: “Java is so pessimistic. You have this compiler saying–I'm not sure this program isn't going to run so I won't run it.–I find that attitude disturbing in a program. I notice that the safety in pessimistic languages is an illusion.”

Google gag

David Pescovitz has made this funny post. Go to, type in “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” and hit the “I'm Feeling Lucky” button. (Don't close the ensuing page, read it carefully).

Middle-age chakra

The other day I was watching “Freaky Chakra” on Star Movies. Well I am not writing a review here (in any case the movie was altogether too puerile to pen a review on). I had seen the “ooh” TV promos before and was amazed at Deepti Naval's stupid escapades as Ms Thomas. Doing love-scenes with a kid, […]