Vajpayee went too ahead in accommodating Chinese sensibilities.

When I wrote this I was convinced that the recent visit of Prime Minister Vajpayee to China was an occasion for haughty talks in Indian media. The recent revelation that Chinese had transgressed into Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh during his visit, on the grounds that the state is not a part of India, is ample proof that Atalji had been walking on a one-way street. It is not surprising that the opposition smells something sinister going on. In his bid to make the visit monumental before the ensuing elections he went far ahead in accommodating the Chinese sensibilities on Tibet and came home with the Chinese acceptance of border posts in Sikkim for trading purposes as strong indication of recognition of the state by Beijing as a part of India. Shrewd Chinese diplomats refrained from saying so on record.

Will India have the guts to doubt Chinese authority over Tibet?