So, less educated drivers cause more road accidents? Think again.

Let’s accept it. Most of the educated lot has this popular perception that maximum accidents are caused by drivers who are illiterate or received very less education. We think that, in general, educated people...

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Self publishing is no more vanity publishing and in this age of e-publishing more and more brick and mortar publishers are adapting to the new trend. In this article Debashish Chakrabarty and Ravishankar Shrivastava...

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An interview with Dr Sugata Mitra

An interview with award winning scientist & proponent of the Hole in the Wall (HIW) experiment: Dr Sugata Mitra. He started the experiment at the slums at Kalkaji, Delhi in 1999 & proved that...

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Java Interview Questions2

Just stumbled upon few of the Ranch posts I had participated in. At that time I was looking for some good interview questions on Java (unfortunately very few were available with answers) and thought why not start answering them. Unfortunately some of the threads did not proceed. I feel like I could revive these, any […]

Hand-Built by Null Pointer

Accidently stepped on to this Slogan generator. Here are some slogans hand-built for my blog: Get Serious. Get Null Pointer. A Better Null Pointer Through Error Look Ma, no Null Pointer! When it Null Pointers it pours Get Null Pointer or Get Out Nothing Comes Between Me And My Null Pointer Null Pointer – Now […]

Narcism is passe!

It's really fascinating to see the amount of blogging Indians do now a days. The list is growing by the hour and it is difficult to even try have a peek on each. Interesting factor is that the posts are now being less narcissist and more of essays and general commentries expressing concers over recent […]

Jaitly or Shushma for PM?

I have given thought to this many times. Why hang-on to the concept of having ripe, aged politicians as Prime-Minister who could barely walk and talk. Without any offence to the eloquence of Vajpayee, methinks he has been too late to enter the office. We need a dynamic young persona for this post with charm […]

My Favorite Songs

There are so many songs that stir you no matter how many times you listen to them. Wondering why didn't I do it before I have decided to post my list of favorites. I would be updating this list quite often. The hyperlinks wherever applicable point to the neartest lyrics page I could lay my […]

Google Fight: Atal or Sonia?

Who would be the next Prime Minister of India? Well you have not made up your mind yet, Google fight has something to suggest. Just click here. On the other hand the opinion on which might be the better Party to govern India among BJP and Congress the results might be startling. Here are some […]