I have given thought to this many times. Why hang-on to the concept of having ripe, aged politicians as Prime-Minister who could barely walk and talk. Without any offence to the eloquence of Vajpayee, methinks he has been too late to enter the office. We need a dynamic young persona for this post with charm that was perhaps oozed out by Rajiv Gandhi. Whichever party comes to power should try keep this in mind. Speaking of BJP, I could safely bet on on Arun Jaitly or Sushma Swaraj as ideal candidates for Primeminister-ship. In Congress camp Jairam Ramesh, Salman Khurshid and Kapil Sibbal seem to fit the bill. They are extremely media-savvy, pragmatic and witty speakers. They are intelligent, have strong knees and, above all, are young and dynamic. You would not expect them to stammer, doze at public functions, take age-long pauses while talking to media or pose with terrible hand-shakes and shaky-lips with foreign dignitaries.

What do you think?