God! Today I got some time to jot down and was shocked to see that I haven't blogged for almost 12 days. A blogger's block? Anyways…

I took a look at an interview of JavaGuru Bruce Eckel pointed here. I have been particularly averse to frequently changing IDE for Java. I received my training on JBuilder, it was good. Then in my next job I was told to use Kawa, pretty elementary-no frills-IDE. And in this spell the team was already using NetBeans so I had to..but must say this one perhaps would stay with me a while. I had experimented with Eclipse and JDeveloper..but then they were way above..you know. Now, seldom I would wonder why this resistance..learning is an ongoing process afterall. Seems Bruce nipped the point in the bud. Yes, it must be an age thing. When asked about his opinion on IDEs in the interview, he quipped:

Perhaps its an age thing — seen so many products over the years, all of them claiming to be the next great thing. Have also gotten attached to some of them, and then they started stumbling or not fixing bugs or having interminable delays between updates (IntelliJ went through a phase like this which is where they lost my confidence). You get to the point where you do not want to learn a new tool every other week.

P.S. Do IDEs spoil a programmer? I found a good discussion here.