Some blogger like Jivha want others to respect their anonimity. I agree with him. As for me I wish people do not co-relate anything that I say on my blog with my job or my employer. A mistake (now stands corrected) was mentioning my current employer in a post (in any case you can view my Resume and know who they are). Now I did not wish to put any disclaimer on my blog, but it goes without saying that my Employer has nothing to do with my opinions and I never sit for a meeting with my superiors to reach a consensus on any post before I make it public.

Another point that often plagues me is my online resume. It has been there on my geocities homepage for years, seldom updated and indexed by many search engines; you type my name and it pops up as the first result. Now, this does not mean that I am always in a job-hopping mood. Recently one of colleague quipped with a gleam in his eyes (as if he had dug-up some dark hidden secret of mine) and a silly grin, “Hey, you put your resume on Google, eh!”. First, buddy Google does not host my resume page. Secondly, I am not responsible if my meta-tags work well. Thirdly..SO WHAT! Infact, I am thinking of adding a note to my resume page “Not Available”, or should I remove it altogether??