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DateTime and other problems

Bloglet subscribers to my feed may not be getting my posts in their email for about a week now. The problem seems to have surfaced after some changes made in the JRoller RSS feed XML format. Bloglet now throws an error “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime” for JRoller feeds. Monsur of bloglet […]

Collablog and Pebble

Few of my colleagues and I were thinking to have a sort of collaborative blog on our intranet where we could post our daily Tasks, TBD Lists, Reminders etc, a purpose which can’t be called blogging perhaps. I was looking for a free Java blogging tool and recalled Pebble. It’s a lightweight, personal blogger written as […]

Lost in Translation ?

I see the link to Babelfish on many blogs to help readers translate the text to various languages. I am not sure how correct that translation is done. Today I tried it just for fun. I translated my last post into French and then translated the French version back to English. Here are the results, […]

Towards harmony with Hibernate

Never thought that leaping into Hibernate1 could be a bit tricky at this time. First there aren't many good step-by-step guide to using Hibernate and secondly all the available ones, perhaps, don't hold good for Hibernate ver 2.01, though it was released almost 6 months back. Now the porting guidelines say that it isn't much […]

Scrollbar for lefties?

Rajesh was intrigued to find the scroll bar on the left of his screen for Google Arabic search and I agree with his observation. Now I am no UI design expert but for languages that are written from right to left is it imperative that the readers are left-handed (no pun intended) too? Also notice […]

JavaRanch Journal ~ November Issue

The November issue of the Javaranch journal is here. The newsletter also featues a review of Whizlab's SCBCD exam simulator.