Baby steps onto J2ME

Stepping into using J2ME warrants major alteration in mindset for a programmer so far promenading in J2SE. Experienced J2ME programmers may perhaps enlighten me on this but these are opening remarks as I very recently took on developing applications for mobile devices. You have an array of challenges when you compare it to developing applications […]

It hit me!

I had only read about the comments spam so far, and noticed how other blogs were seriously affected by these unsolicited comments. But today I noticed atleast 3 such spam comment on two of my earlier posts and removed it. The comments were inserted by Viagra sellers on much older posts (incidently one was titled […]

My Javablogs feed

Recently a reader posted a comment wondering what a post like this was doing on Javablogs. I apologise for that. When I signed up at Freeroller I was not aware that they had this facility of having category-wise RSS feeds. Moreover, problem was, Javablogs does not allow you to change the RSS feed URL (some […]

Enhancing knowledge portfolio

Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas authors of The Pragmatic Programmer suggest the need for Pragmatic Programmers to enhance their knowledge portfolios by learning a new language each year. In an interview the duo were asked about the languages a Java Programmer should learn and their replies were as follows: ANDY: For sheer mind expansion, you […]

An age thing?

God! Today I got some time to jot down and was shocked to see that I haven't blogged for almost 12 days. A blogger's block? Anyways… I took a look at an interview of JavaGuru Bruce Eckel pointed here. I have been particularly averse to frequently changing IDE for Java. I received my training on […]

Problem with Netbeans

On Saturday I had a little scuffle with Netbeans. A week ago I had upgraded to ver 3.5. Menwhile my system administrator changed the network domain my XP machine was on and then the spate of problems began. Actually (and I don't know if it was a wrong thing) I forgot to copy the .netbeans […]