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Cal ho na ho

Are you aware of any date in history when nothing, absolutely nothing happened, literally? Well I was not aware of it and the answer unexpectedly came from Unix. On the Unix prompt if you do a ‘cal 9 1752’ you get the following calendar. The missing days owe it to the Gregorian Reformation when the […]

Using Antenna with Netbeans

There has been a lot of buzz around Antenna, an Ant add-on for J2ME applications. Why! Can’t I use Ant for this? You very well can, but Antenna elevates many Ant tasks that are peculiar to J2ME, for instance: updating the JAD for the correct JAR size, a task that doesn’t matter as long as […]

The chunked problem

One of the J2ME applications I had been involved in emerged with a big problem when tested for boundary conditions. When the client was sending less than 2048 bytes, the server was able to handle it correctly. The content-length header was being set in the client correctly and was available at the server. The J2ME […]

Technical conscience?

When I first saw the link to the gruesome video showing American contractor Nicholas Berg being beheaded in Iraq at Jihva's I had expressed my anguish over the internet rage such videos become in a jiffy. I wondered on what makes the Internet fraternity to happily pass on the links to such gruesome videos (I […]

Simplicity is the key

If there is one thing that has undisputedly emerged as the winner at Elections 2004, it is the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). A country where 35% people are still illiterate, yet a country regarded as a super-power in IT manpower, infact a country with all kind of contradictions voted in this elections entirely through EVMs, […]

Can I say something about Gmail too?

Though I am a man with strong prejudices and the 1 GB thing might have blinded me but still here is my 2 paise on the features I liked about GMail: The scripting that lets the Reply/Forward text areas open almost instantly with an option to open them as new windows. If you liked the […]