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Hindi in that Cloud

In my previous post I had discussed that Tagcloud was unable to generate the Tagcloud for Hindi blogdom since the Yahoo term extraction API doesn't recognize non-English characters yet. I then decided on implementing it myself. This is how I do it: Parse the Hindi blog group RSS Feed Get the Words ignoring the very […]

TagCloud, if it could work with Hindi

Tagcloud seems interesting; tells you the crux of the conversations in blogdom pretty much like Technorati tags. There are 80+ Hindi blogs now and I thought why not sport one such cloud for these blogs at Chittha Vishwa, alas the effort failed. The onus fell on the Yahoo Term Extraction API that as of now […]

Cheese on the Moon

I really envy these guys having fun at work. Based on the Google Maps they have a funsite called Google Moon featuring the NASA pictures of Man's 1969 landing on the Moon. As for the “cheese” in the title of this post, look closer 🙂

Free Sun Certified Java Associate exam

Just heard about this new Sun certification exam. The beta version of the exam, with a whopping 122 questions to be answered in 3 hours, is being offered free from June 20 for a month. I am not sure why Sun went for this, an exam for entry level programmers and IT managers with just […]

Here now, gone tomorrow?

Atleast this is what Google groups (beta) opines. Once you make a post, the resulting page makes you unsure whether the post will make it to the archives. Or am I sounding too British 😉

Blog strolling – 2

Java's friendly mascot Duke has got a blog too. Indic threads has a 3 part skinny on J2SE 5.0 Bus Service to Pakistan. Oh no not again! I am sick and tired of these gimmicks. “some countries“ sweet Patil saheb! India ki diplomacy da jawab nahin!