Tagcloud seems interesting; tells you the crux of the conversations in blogdom pretty much like Technorati tags. There are 80+ Hindi blogs now and I thought why not sport one such cloud for these blogs at Chittha Vishwa, alas the effort failed. The onus fell on the Yahoo Term Extraction API that as of now only recognizes English words. The speed with which terms are extracted from even large amount of text, I tested it here. Try entering some Hindi text and as you may see it is unable to recognize the terms. The thing I like is the simplicity of REST. BTW, do have a look at the Tagcloud from my Hindi as well as this blog (atleast it will get the English words from my Hindi blog) on the left sidebar.

While I intended to do it for pure fun, as did Desipundit, people are scepticle about the usefulness of these tags. While Tagcloud ranks these tags to prepare the cloud, Simon used it to extract terms for “automated tagging”, though the results are not guaranteed to be relevent.