Trip to mela & other things

Cool, it is my lucky day today? I think for the first time my post has made it to the mela, don't know whether on merit, or the folly of posting multiple comments at the nomination post that brought me to limelight. The plain vanilla flavour can be savored at Yazad's here. Thanks buddy 🙂 […]

Bharteeya Blog Mela, 39th edition!

This has been the first ever Blog-Mela hosted by Null Pointer, and though the number of nominations haven’t been spectacular, they haven’t been discouraging either. Now that I hosted it I can empathise how difficult it is to select a handful of entries from a maze of good posts. My thanks to Melodrama, Ravages, Aadisht, […]

Is Blog-revolution over?

An interesting but debatable point has been raised by John C. Dvorak. Dvorak feels that the so-called Blogging Revolution has bitten the dust and that Blogging can't become the future of journalism as predicted due to two reasons: Massive abandonment of blogs with the writers getting bored or too tired to cope up with regular […]

Awareness is cure

There are very few bloggers who write keeping the reader in mind. Still very few will gather the courage to write about their shortcomings, agonies and disease for others to benefit from their experience or offer advice to. During my day's surfing I often come across many blogs listed at the Blog Portal or through […]

Yahoo Groups available again

Seems like the blanket ban on Yahoo Groups imposed by the boneheaded Indian beaurocrats has been lifted. Yahoo groups websites are now again available. Hope they do not repeat their stupidity.

The malicious Banana

Jivha pointed to this unfledged clique in the Indi-blogosphere jeering the Bhartiya Blog Mela. It's called the Bhartiya Blog Kela. Now before I even start please note that I do not have anything for or against the Blog Mela but this is pretty hilarious . The guy apparently “had enough of sanctimonious debates on the […]