Jivha pointed to this unfledged clique in the Indi-blogosphere jeering the Bhartiya Blog Mela. It's called the Bhartiya Blog Kela. Now before I even start please note that I do not have anything for or against the Blog Mela but this is pretty hilarious . The guy apparently “had enough of sanctimonious debates on the social relevance of the mela”. Wow, Wow..now this guy sure takes things seriously. The “social relevance”, I never really thought about how my blog is changing the world around me, or may be I don't have that electron microscope to have a good look at the impact they are making on our “society”. Hey anonymous, if you started this anti-mela, or “kela” as you call it, grizzling on the “politics” of nominations, ch…ch..too bad. But if your aim is to have fun or look at the lighter side of Indian blogging, then the effort is noteworthy. Reading through the first phase of nominations it seems the guy has got a bit of sense of humour, alas the bile predominates.

I think having such a blog is not bad either. This might help us bloggers retrospect. Moreover, people have been making fun since long for example the Razzies for the worst hollywood movies and performers are handed out the day before the Oscars (hey..now I am not equating the mela with oscars or anything like that). If the blog can go on with malice towards one and all, it could be quite popular. I think Vin , in his comment at the blog, summed it up very aptly:

When experience of reading blogs get jittery, complex, negative, uninspiring, loose, too personal, too serious, too paradoxical, too melodramatic, too politically correct / incorrect, (in short) too many issues to handle for a page hits-savvy Indian, a kela is born.