Guest Post on Nukta Chini

Charu very kindly agreed to do a guest-post (surprise.. surprise, in Hindi) for my Hindi Blog. Read it here..P.S. I plan to have it as a fortnightly feature, so if you wish to do a guest-post in Hindi, do drop a comment here or send an email.

Equal Opportunity, My foot!

Many, if not most, of us might have gotten rejected at interviews and recruitment processes. While rejection itself is reason enough for one to brood over and blame the selection process or the employer, I had tried on such occasions to sit for a while and put myself in recruiters shoe to analyze what might […]

What I hate in a blog

I came across Erik's survey on the “the 10 Habits of Highly Annoying Bloggers” and decided to jot down few things I detest about a blog: Blogs with black background and yellow fonts Blogs that are both blogs and photoblogs Blogs that would not accept an email id of the like debu at email dot […]

Are you Blogoholic?

There is an interesting quiz that would perhaps let you know if you are a Blogoholic. I thought I was one, coz even if I don't post very regularly I read a lot of blogs everyday. But it emerged that I am only a casual weblogger. “You only blog when you have nothing better to […]

The best of Null Pointer – 2003

I have been pondering to put together this list for long and here it is. Now what do I mean my “the best”? Obviously not “the most visited” or “the most linked to” or ” the most commented on” posts but those which I think I wrote well or reflect my stand-point on the issue. […]

The Badshah of quzzing!

Aaj Tak is going for a public issue and they suddenly realized that the brand has emerged mightier than the TV Today insignia, so their typical “B&W Hindi archaic movie ishtyle” stupid advertisements were back to tell the viewers that Aaj Tak is an offshoot of TV Today and not the other way round. I […]