Roller metamorphosis

Hey! I logged in to this morning and was taken aback to be redirected to Whatever be the reasons for the overnight change I am worried about few things. What happens to my old blog URL? Will the users be redirected to my new blog URL even if they type the old one […]

A mix bag

You may expect the phoren people publicly brag about it. You may even expect the desi celebrities like Neena Gupta and the Poojas (Bhatt/Bedi) rendering expert advices. But his holiness the Dalai Llama talking about the “ups and downs” of savoring the forbidden fruit. Bless me Buddha! Amit points out that now even the Hindustan […]

Hand-Built by Null Pointer

Accidently stepped on to this Slogan generator. Here are some slogans hand-built for my blog: Get Serious. Get Null Pointer. A Better Null Pointer Through Error Look Ma, no Null Pointer! When it Null Pointers it pours Get Null Pointer or Get Out Nothing Comes Between Me And My Null Pointer Null Pointer – Now […]

Narcism is passe!

It's really fascinating to see the amount of blogging Indians do now a days. The list is growing by the hour and it is difficult to even try have a peek on each. Interesting factor is that the posts are now being less narcissist and more of essays and general commentries expressing concers over recent […]