Prizes surprizes!

It has been long since I won anything in some contest or the like, so the last fortnight unveiled few pleasent surprises for me. First the Microsoft Wireless Optical desktop that I won at a competition at Bhasha India (stupid courier walas managed to do a vanishing trick on the 4 batteries though) and second […]

Resonating Jibes – 3

Sushmita Bose noticed that in the quick-shift world of Indian advertising, the Big Idea these days is going back in time. Offcourse Null Pointer was the first to point this out.

Outsourcing and other topics..

The horizon for outsourcing seems to be expanding by the day. Slashdot reports that is now pondering outsourcing some of their writing jobs to India. Salshdot, as expected has swarming comments and counter comments. Now, apart from causing pain in the lower part of American anatomy, news items such as these inflict immense agony […]

Guest post on Nukta Chini

“Nice guy” Hemanth kindly agreed to do a guest post this fortnight for my Hindi blog. Do read it here.Thanks Hemanth!

Ethnic blogging and Bangla

If any award were to be given for regional language blogs in India, I have little doubt that the Tamil Blogs would emerge as the deserving winners. Just look at their magnitude. I am not aware exactly how many of them are in Unicode but I believe that majority of them are. Apart from opening-up […]

Guest post on Nukta Chini

Nitin Pai of “The Acorn” has written this fortnight's guest post for my Hindi Blog. You can read it here. Thanks Nitin!