If any award were to be given for regional language blogs in India, I have little doubt that the Tamil Blogs would emerge as the deserving winners. Just look at their magnitude. I am not aware exactly how many of them are in Unicode but I believe that majority of them are. Apart from opening-up for universal readership, Unicode encoding also paves the way for these blogs to surface on Search Engines. Happily the Hindi blogging scenario has matured too, there are almost half a dozen Hindi blogs now apart from a Community blog “Akshargram” started by Pankaj. While I Googled for regional blogs I could not find a single one in my mother-tongue Bangla (or Bengali). Thankfully Sukanya di was keen enough to start one and thus began the first Bangla Blog. this blog is actually a “Baby-step guide” on how to start a Bangla blog of your own. Meanwhile, Sukanya di has started a blog of her own and with two of a tribe it was probably reason enough to go for a Bangla Blog directory. Hope other Bangalis follow suit.