There are very few bloggers who write keeping the reader in mind. Still very few will gather the courage to write about their shortcomings, agonies and disease for others to benefit from their experience or offer advice to. During my day's surfing I often come across many blogs listed at the Blog Portal or through the blogrolls of other blogs, some of them I could never visit again, and a few strike a chord instantly. Atul U. Nulkar's journal Heavenly Abode is one of them. In posts titled The Diabetes Chronicle Atul has provided a moving account of his discovery of the disease and how he came to terms with living with it. My father is diabetic too and it hurts to see him take the insulin injections to cope up with the disease. When I read about it in an issue of India Today I was surprised to know that the deadly disease can hit at any age. The example of MTV VJ Gaurav scared the hell out of me, I could suddenly relate to why the guy looked thinner and thinner by the day. Though I am an acknowledged hypochondriac, I have this feeling in my mind that given the family history I will sooner or later get the disease, but the later the better. Being aware is the key to fight diabetes successfully.

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