It was a pleasant surprise to find a blog with an Indian name by a foreigner. While the author Awacante has evidently stopped blogging today on one of his other blog only he has a blog (infact a travelogue) called Namaste (Hello in Hindi). The author had visited India in 2000, perhaps as a volunteer to the Missionaries of Charity at Calcutta, and was inspired enough to chose an Indian name for his blog. In one of his posts titled the “Sikhs” he wonders why most of the Sikh names end with a “Singh” and provides an interesting pointer to various types of turbans. His blogs has interesting accounts of how he was charged 5 times more (Rs.85 for a trip between Paharganj and Cannaught place) by the auto-rickshaw guys at Delhi and how he learnt to behave like Indians and managed to pay the right fare of Rs.15. Recognizing the tea-craziness of India the author says his consumption of tea has also increased dramatically. I also came across this nice site (though I could read very little of it) on India Indojuku by a Japanese, the catch line says “Hum dharti ke niwasi aapka swagat karte hain” (we the residents of this earth welcome you). What a nice way to emphasize the feeling of universal brother hood!