Roller metamorphosis

Hey! I logged in to this morning and was taken aback to be redirected to Whatever be the reasons for the overnight change I am worried about few things. What happens to my old blog URL? Will the users be redirected to my new blog URL even if they type the old one […]

NDTV's dilemma

Hindi has been a weak spot at NDTV, the skipper Pronnoy himself knows very little of it and his turks including Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt and Abhhigyan Prakash just manage to speak tuti-phuti Hindi only when in dire need. Yet NDTV was in a dilemma to start a lateral Hindi channel when its […]

It hit me!

I had only read about the comments spam so far, and noticed how other blogs were seriously affected by these unsolicited comments. But today I noticed atleast 3 such spam comment on two of my earlier posts and removed it. The comments were inserted by Viagra sellers on much older posts (incidently one was titled […]

Unexpected referrer

My this post has found some mention here.

Band Loyalty

During my recent Mumbai visit I was curious about the listener ship for various FM Radio stations and much to my expectation (hey, I am not generalizing, just my view here) I found that though the listener ship is good, there is nothing like Brand loyalty here. People switch back and forth the stations on […]

Blogs and Anonimity

Some blogger like Jivha want others to respect their anonimity. I agree with him. As for me I wish people do not co-relate anything that I say on my blog with my job or my employer. A mistake (now stands corrected) was mentioning my current employer in a post (in any case you can view […]