The recent retaliatory attack on Syrian Islamic Jihad base camps by Israel reveals the true face of America, their doublespeak on the Kashmir issue becoming more poignantly evident. The American hypocrisy lets them pats on the back of Pakistan for its help in fighting terrorism ignoring the terrorist dens right beneath their nose and tells India to exercise restraint, similar is their stand on Syria-Israel confrontation. When it comes to dealing with its own issues there is no stopping the big bully; without any proof of Saddam having WMDs and without caring for UN it attacked Iraq.

Syria has been harboring terrorism the same way as Pakistan providing training facilities, funding and logistical support to terrorist groups such as Hamas. While supporting Israel over the attacks, America has been providing support to terrorist groups and in its attempt to play the role of World Police scolding Syria as it scolds Pakistan now and then. Infact it is open now that when Bill Clinton was trying to broker peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the FBI was secretly funneling money to suspected Hamas figures to see if the militant group would use it for terrorist attacks.

Islamic nations are very worried by the Israeli attack. No wonder that Pakistani Ambassador had called the attacks a violation of international law. They have their fears and I wish that it came true. Should the Israeli attack be cue enough for India to take on the Pakistani training camps in a similar manner? How long can we let the politicians play their diplomatic gimmick of holding olive branches in their hand and urging Pakistan to stop infiltration and terrorist activities while it audaciously continues with its foul game? Let our security forces cross the LOC and raze the enemy once and for all.