Wrong number?

Tamizhan.com pointed out that many BPO companies are now foraying into blogging while using it an an advertising venture. Telegenisys and Orion are few of these. I am not sure if the companies are doing it knowingly. I could hardly visualise a blog as an apt platform for running a campaign especially for BPO companies […]

The ASI Mockery – Part 2

I had posted my views on the ASI report on Ayodhya excavations here. This was also published by a local English daily Free Press. Both evoked some strong responses. The one received online was deleted by me due to the racist remark. It has been a regular (read secular) trend in our country to reject […]

The ASI Mockery – Part 3

Have a look at this report that appeared in the Times of India. Those who detested my earlier views expressed in Part-1 and Part-2and who believe that theASI report has not been doctored may find this story interesting. Based on this report I wonder how ASI even made its conclusions public, or was it just […]

The Hawk arrives!

Better late than never! Atleast 4 more MIGs had crashed since I wrote this. The good news is efforts of the kins of Late Flt Lt Anil Gadgil who had lost life in a MIG crash at the political helms seem to have bore fruit. 20 years and more than 155 MIGs later the government […]

A mix bag

You may expect the phoren people publicly brag about it. You may even expect the desi celebrities like Neena Gupta and the Poojas (Bhatt/Bedi) rendering expert advices. But his holiness the Dalai Llama talking about the “ups and downs” of savoring the forbidden fruit. Bless me Buddha! Amit points out that now even the Hindustan […]

Java Interview Questions2

Just stumbled upon few of the Ranch posts I had participated in. At that time I was looking for some good interview questions on Java (unfortunately very few were available with answers) and thought why not start answering them. Unfortunately some of the threads did not proceed. I feel like I could revive these, any […]