CEO Speak

Last year I interviewed the CEOs of few prominent IT companies located in my city. Though very cursory, the interviews do provide an insight in to the minds of the top management of these IT companies that are running low-key development centers at cities less prominently visible on the IT map of the country. To […]

Tiger Released

The buzz must be stale by now, but Tiger (JDK 1.5) is out. Gosling excitedly terms Generics, the ability to parameterize a type, as the big one. As everybody knows by now, JDK1.5 is probably the last big change to Java after JDK1.2 which saw the arrival of Swing and new Collections API. I am […]

Sometimes you have to be evil!

Many times the most innocuous aspects of programming create lot of trouble. Take the innocent Properties file. These avatars of Hashtable are collections of key-value pairs, frequently used by applications for their need for external resources and configuration settings. Now pointers such as these tell you that reading the Properties file using java I/O is […]

Indian Googlee

Search engine giant Google is all set to open its first offshore R&D facility at Bangalore in 2004. Keeping aside the hype about more and more offshore opportunities does that actually translate to better perks for the Indian techies. Forget it! Apparently the Google Indian initiative is guided by cost-cutting concerns (thought the company denies […]

Charge the spammers?

A funny yet apt disclaimer for comment spammers I recently noticed on a blog. Serves them right! Any advertisements or commercial endevours placed in the comments or sent via email addresses on this site (either mine or other commenters) will be charged at a rate of US$250 per time, payable within 30 days. Placing any […]

Lost in Translation ?

I see the link to Babelfish on many blogs to help readers translate the text to various languages. I am not sure how correct that translation is done. Today I tried it just for fun. I translated my last post into French and then translated the French version back to English. Here are the results, […]