Cool Stuff

Thanks Matt Quail for the pointer to Cool Stuff. To quote from the site: Developed but not released for commercial use, these golden nuggets of technology, code and concepts are now being made available to Sun's developer community.

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright!

Javaranch features a nice poem (actually a spoof on “The Tiger” by William Blake) authored by Joshua Bloch which he recited at the 2003 JavaOne conference. Tiger, Tiger Burning BrightLike a geek who works all nightWhat new-fangled bit or byteCould ease the hacker's weary plight?

Pessimistic Java

Extreme Programming (XP) founder Kent Beck quips in an interview: “Java is so pessimistic. You have this compiler saying–I'm not sure this program isn't going to run so I won't run it.–I find that attitude disturbing in a program. I notice that the safety in pessimistic languages is an illusion.”

WiKi: A Social Software

Wiki have been around since 1995 but have attracted increased interest recently, perhaps owing to the new-found interest in social software. Frankly it's a new term for me but it feels good to know about web sites written entirely by its users (a Groupware?). Yes, that means — open editing, anyone can edit the site […]