Comments Log

Is there any way in JRoller to get a consolidated summary of, say, last 50 comments (for any/all posts) as here? Many JRollers would agree that once the posts are archived and not visible on front page it is often difficult to read or reply to any comment to back posts, not speaking of keeping […]

Much ado about CAFEBABE

I was going through the documentation of BCEL and started wondering how come the magic-number in the Java class file 0xCAFEBABE looks so meaningful. While the original purpose for specifying the begining four bytes of Java class files is to assist in segregating prbable class files from non class files the the choice lets one […]

In praise of FeedDemon

Man I love this news aggregator FeedDemon. First of all the GUI is lovely and then the features are exactly what you need: Channel Groups to classify you feeds (and moving channels amongst the group is easy), facility to synchronise your list with an online one or simply use somebody else's subscription list in OPML […]

Javaranch Newsletter: October Issue

The October issue of Javaranch newsletter is out. It includes a primer on using the Netbeans IDE and a nice deliberation on the Rowset interface implementations of which would be joining the Tiger (JDK1.5) bandwagon. Being deliberating offlate on the code optimization and performance tuning issues myself I also found the pointer to this thread […]

Company name etymologies

Did you know that Cisco is not an acronym but a short name for San Francisco or that the name LG is in fact a combination of two popular Korean brands Lucky and Goldstar or that Mitch Kapor got the name for his company from The Lotus Position or Padmasana. You may find a list […]

Baby steps onto J2ME

Stepping into using J2ME warrants major alteration in mindset for a programmer so far promenading in J2SE. Experienced J2ME programmers may perhaps enlighten me on this but these are opening remarks as I very recently took on developing applications for mobile devices. You have an array of challenges when you compare it to developing applications […]