Towards harmony with Hibernate

Never thought that leaping into Hibernate1 could be a bit tricky at this time. First there aren't many good step-by-step guide to using Hibernate and secondly all the available ones, perhaps, don't hold good for Hibernate ver 2.01, though it was released almost 6 months back. Now the porting guidelines say that it isn't much […]

Scrollbar for lefties?

Rajesh was intrigued to find the scroll bar on the left of his screen for Google Arabic search and I agree with his observation. Now I am no UI design expert but for languages that are written from right to left is it imperative that the readers are left-handed (no pun intended) too? Also notice […]

JavaRanch Journal ~ November Issue

The November issue of the Javaranch journal is here. The newsletter also featues a review of Whizlab's SCBCD exam simulator.

Is a Certification worth it?

Thomas informs that according to the Sun Wireless Developer Newsletter a new certification exam Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer for J2ME, Version 1.0 is coming up. While this may be some good news for developers, it makes me wonder whether taking a certification exam is worthwhile at all. In a previous post Thomas had raised […]

Castor and the Namespace bug

While working with a new version of Castor I recently encountered a strange error during unmarshalling (creating Java object out of corresponding XML schema). The error was as follows: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The prefix ‘xml’ is reserved (XML 1.0 Specification) and cannot be declared. Luckily, some Googling brought me to this thread which explains the probable reasons […]

My posts on JDJ/Ciol

Few of my posts made under technology catgeory have been featured by the portal Ciol. One of the articles is available here. Another recent post of mine on Code Analyzers has made been mentioned in Eric's Pulse of 20th October and has been published in the Java Developers Journal Industry newsletter available here. Thanks Eric […]