Months of activity, loads of brickbats (ranging from bad template — despite the excellent work by Chugs, poor management, disagreement with the methodology, rigging at the polls, being partisan to Hindi blogdom right unto being pooh-poohed on my anonymity and bad English) and now a breeze of praises, organizing Indibloggies was arduous compared to the […]

Happy new year

Null Pointer wishes its readers and well wishers and their families a very happy and prosperous new year 2005.

More changes

IndiBlogs seem to be bitten by lethargy mites. Jivha quit blogging and I myself has not been averse to the burnout. Last month was pretty hectic and brought along upheavals that shook me up completely. When I joined my last employer I was convinced that now I want to settle down there. I and my […]

Sounds Grammar?

Readers, you have enough reasons for getting mad on me. Lately, I have not been posting nothing and then I had the courage to post the following, but the fact is I only feel like posting stuff like these. So bear with me (anyways, when you take the test yourself, you would feel a lot […]

Political Compass

Finally a gauge to enlighten me on the orientation of my thoughts. Political Compass tells me that I am an economic left winger with a slight inclination towards authoritarianism (score: Economic Left/Right: -3.88, Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.05). A confirmed authoritarian leftist, wow! Though my score on the social dimension surprises me! [Link via Acorn] Update: Wow! […]

My Hindi Blog

Finally, I had to jump into it. I have been a Hindi writer, it is the language in which I think. But since typing in Hindi is tedious I had somehow put the project on backburner; not any more. The Hindi version of Null Pointer is now live here. It is called “Nukta Chini” (meaning […]