Happy New Year!

Null Pointer wishes all its readers and friends a very happy and prosperous new year 2004.

First Steps

Mitali just rang me up to inform that Tanmay has taken his first bold steps by himself. Pray, there is no looking back for him. May God bless him!


My Bloginality is ISTP!!!

The Quest for unknown

If there is one blog that comes any closer to my range of thoughts, its perhaps Charu's Peek in to my mind. One reason might be that we both belong to the same 70's generation. Many of her posts, like this one, echo my own thoughts. Her recent post “What about job satisfaction” prompted me […]

Tanmay is 1 year old today

Today is the first birthday of my son Tanmay. It is due to the little angel that I and Mitali were introduced to the joys, pressures, fun and responsibilities of parenting. Tanmay has ushered in a breeze of vitality and energy in our lives, infact he has tought us to relish the meaning of life […]

Blogs and Anonimity

Some blogger like Jivha want others to respect their anonimity. I agree with him. As for me I wish people do not co-relate anything that I say on my blog with my job or my employer. A mistake (now stands corrected) was mentioning my current employer in a post (in any case you can view […]