IFrame Widget for WordPress

WordPress Sidebar Widgets have been the latest buzz in the blogdom. Indeed these Widgets elevate WordPress’ standing among the blogwares and encourage community to contribute to the project. With Sidebar widgets, things have become as easy as drag and drop, though you would need “widget compliant” themes. I still wish WordPress had done something with […]

Null Pointer moves to its own home

I recently moved to my own domain and after migrating the blog to WordPress (read this post to know how I managed to do that) I simply dropped a note here at JRoller to let know my readers who still come here. For the email subscribers I simply changed the feed URL. Today it struck […]

Migrating a Roller blog to WordPress

Ok I admit that I never made a formal announcement about it, but this blog has now moved to its new home at http://nullpointer.debashish.com. If you are reading this, you are at the right URL. This blog used to be happily hosted at the excellent free service provided by the JRoller people. Roller is one […]

The Indian HR thought leaders

Gautam Ghosh has started a series “The Indian HR thought leaders” on his blog. He would soon be quizzing Sanjeev Bikhchandani, CEO of Naukri.com on their attempts to embrace RSS feeds. Great going Guatam!

Merger of WordPress and Textpattern

It’s the EOD at India and I noticed this stunning news of the merger of WordPress and Textpattern on my blog’s admin-dashboard and I was forced to click on the link. It struck me only when I visited Wordpattern.org, checked back Matt’s post date. It’s all great fun really, from the Wordpattern website to the […]

Shunya : India’s Slashdot?

Shunya promises to bring news for Indian techies by Indian techies. They say everything started from shunya (Sanskrit for absolute nothingness). And Shunya seems to be a good beginning for Indian techies. Move away Slashdot, Shunya claims to be the Indian Slashdot but would probably try to be different (“It started when slashdot rejected a […]