Merger of WordPress and Textpattern

It’s the EOD at India and I noticed this stunning news of the merger of WordPress and Textpattern on my blog’s admin-dashboard and I was forced to click on the link. It struck me only when I visited, checked back Matt’s post date. It’s all great fun really, from the Wordpattern website to the […]

Shunya : India’s Slashdot?

Shunya promises to bring news for Indian techies by Indian techies. They say everything started from shunya (Sanskrit for absolute nothingness). And Shunya seems to be a good beginning for Indian techies. Move away Slashdot, Shunya claims to be the Indian Slashdot but would probably try to be different (“It started when slashdot rejected a […]

Blog Bytes

The Asian Age recently did a story on the IndiBlogging phenomenon and I was also quoted in the same. You may read the full story here.

Make your own Java newsreader

XML feeds are the way today to keep a tab on what’s happening in the blogosphere as well as to know about site updates and new additions. I had heard about two popular open source feature-rich Java APIs to deal with the feeds, Rome and Informa but could never really savor them. For one of […]

Piping problem

I recently had a task wherein I was required to call few Perl routines from inside my Java class. You must be saying, what’s the big deal? Runtime.exec is what one needs. You are dead right, this comes to rescue when ones needs to call a non-Java process or an executable. With this, I was […]

Blogger block

Charu refers to an article on how to deal with the blogger burnout, a term I came to terms with when Jivha quit blogging. For me it has been more the case of Blogger block rather than burnout. I have never been a zealous blogger anyway but few months back I at least would right […]